Business Continuity


What is Business Continuity Planning?

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a tool that allows institutions to mitigate the damage impacts of a disaster or emergency event. Whether a disruption is caused by human error, natural or technological, any emergency can lead to catastrophic consequences and enormous costs for your business. Damage could consist of interruption to operating procedures, property, lost profits and a loss of competitive market advantage. Creating and maintaining a business continuity program builds a strong, and resilient business for the future.

Why have a BCP?

It is imperative during emergency situations that critical business services are restored as quickly as possible. Lost time means dissatisfied customers, lost revenue, a tarnished reputation and a loss in confidence. Every organization is at risk from potential events that include:

  • IT disruptions and data loss
  • Power or energy disruptions
  • Natural disasters such as blizzards, fire, floods, and tornados
  • Communications, transportation, safety and service sector failure
  • Cyber-attacks and hacker activity

P3 Sustainability specializes in:

  • Resilience planning and risk mitigation
  • Business continuity program management
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Planning
  • Implementation and Evaluation

Within these elements we work with you to undertake and/or revise processes such as project initiation, risk assessment & management, business impact analysis, emergency strategies, updating, training and simulated exercise.

P3 aims to aid businesses in becoming proactive using the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) planning model, to build resiliency in the face of changing financial and natural environments, and emergencies or disaster events. We also work to assist clients in meeting the new Canadian Standards Association z1600 compliance for Emergency Management and Business Continuity.




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