Sustainability Planning


What is Business Sustainability?

Business Sustainability strategy aims to drive long-term growth, increase positive impacts by integrating environmental and social issues into business models.

Why Sustainability?

Business sustainability is smart business. Businesses must adapt to the changing landscape through drivers that influence costs, revenue enhancement, risk management and competitive market advantage.

P3 aims to promote systematic change in business, working towards blended value.  We focus on sustainability planning in social, environmental and economic sectors. P3 will work with clients to tailor goals and strategies to promote growth. P3 Sustainability also connects businesses and organizations with the latest innovative programs to create a network of sustainability champions.

Sustainability Planning includes:

  • Creation of sustainability goals
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Alignment with community programs and initiatives
  • Networking, research, and grant writing to connect businesses with the latest innovative programs
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Building social value
  • Sustainability plan


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