5 $imple Steps to Sustainability

Integrating sustainability into your business model can save your business money, promote efficiency, reduce your ecological footprint, and did I mention it can save you money?!  The Sustainable Peterborough Economic Development Working Group is presenting a series of workshops April 17th from 11am – 1 pm called: “Harvest the low hanging fruit of business efficiency”

To get started here are 5 super easy tips on how to make your business more sustainable:

  • Change your lighting. Switching to energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs is easy and they use approximately 75% less energy. Check out the Incentives and Grants workshop on you can get involved!
  • Shutoff unused office equipment. This task is super simple, but it will cut down on wasted energy. If you’re not using it, the equipment doesn’t need to be powered on.
  •  Don’t print.  Set the office printer up to print double sided, and think twice before hitting the print button.
  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Promote recycling within your company, keep recycling bins separate from garbage bins, reduce the amount of waste by promoting litter-less lunches, and use a compost bin!
  • Encourage Carpooling. Join programs such as shifting gears, to encourage staff to take alternative sustainable ways to get to work like: carpool, bike, and public transit!

Little changes do add up, and you have to start somewhere, right? Want to learn how to harvest the low hanging fruit? Come to the workshops on April 17th!

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